Friday, July 8, 2011

You like me, you really like me!

By: Amanda Hobson and Paula Watson

This was our last day teaching at St. Cyprian’s. We approached the school with mixed feelings, but as we arrived we could see that the students and teachers were very excited to see us there. Students from each class met us at the tro tros and helped us carry our teaching supplies to the classrooms. As we taught our final lessons we felt a new closeness to the students. During break we snapped final pictures of the children and teachers, sharing conversation, songs, and games. Preparing to leave we left many teaching supplies and books, exchanged e-mails, and last hugs. Many of us received gifts from our teachers, but beyond material gifts our lives have been touched forever. In one short week, we made lasting relationships and many of us had tears in our eyes as we pulled away from the school.

Our spirits were lifted, when we returned to the Fairhill to find Mr. and Mrs. Baidoo waiting with our custom made clothing. We will be wearing these traditional style clothes to the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the opening of Tuwohofo-Holly International School. We are looking forward to celebrating with them on July 23rd.

Our Friday evening has been spent packing and preparing for our weeklong trip to the north. We even made a snack run to Melcom, a “Wal-Mart” like store (we use that term loosely). We are all looking forward to the trip and hoping to see some wild animals! We have been told we may see hippos, elephants, baboons, antelope, and a variety of monkeys. Until next time…

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  1. love those dresses! how exciting! did mr. baidoo have someone measure everyone?