Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kumasi: "Under the Tree"

Amber Prince & Lindsey White

We awoke early this morning, allowing our eyes to soak in the last glimpses of the sunrise over the Fairhill patio. Sadness mingled with excitement as we completed our last minute packing, and prepared to journey away from "home." Our friend & tour guide Damba arrived to stow away our suitcases in the back of our chartered bus - a much appreciated privilege compared to to our usual tro tros. We consumed a light breakfast of fresh bread and omelets, and the group piled into our welcomed transportation. It was difficult to say farewell to our friends at Fairhill, but the prospect of a new adventure made it bearable.

Many members took advantage of the 4-hour drive, snoozing periodically, reading quietly, and drinking in the lush scenery. We took a small bathroom break at a gas station along the way and chose snacks to munch on as a brief lunch, mostly consisting of ice cream & chips.

The highlight of the day came with the spending of cedis! We bargained, chatted, and spent our way through the cultural arts center of Kumasi, adding to our ever-growing collection of Bolga baskets, Djembe drums, beautiful paintings, & wooden carvings. After a couple of hours collecting souvenirs, we begrudgingly trudged back onto the bus to head to our temporary abode.

Upon arriving at the Royal Basin hotel, we unpacked and walked to the on-site restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed an enticing meal, thoroughly pleasing each of the famished travelers. As we wind down this evening, butterflies flutter excitedly in our hearts with the prospect of seeing hippos tomorrow! It shall be an eventful day, filled with a new traveling journey through northern Ghana.

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