Friday, July 15, 2011

Waterfalls and Driving

Aubree & Peco

Our Friday morning began as everyone headed down for their last meal at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale. Our fearless driver Kwame along with Damba, the best tour guide in all of Ghana, loaded the top of the bus with all our purchased baskets from yesterday's shopping adventure. We all boarded the bus for our six-hour journey back to Kumasi.

We stopped for a surprise attraction, the Kintampo Falls. The group descended 152 steps down to the base of a breathtaking waterfall. We all admired the splendor and beauty of the enormous trail of water flowing and hitting the numerous rocks located at the bottom. We walked around, took pictures, explored, and enjoyed the serenity of God's creation. We would have enjoyed the site longer, but we were joined by a school of students at least seventy-five in number. We climbed the 152 stairs to find yet another school waiting to see the waterfall and the beauty it had to offer.

We arrived at the Royal Basin Hotel just before dinner and oh what a delicious dinner it was! Some of us went Ghanaian with "Red Red and Plaintains," Prof Clerico had Grilled Red Snapper and Banku; but others of us were more traditional with "Chicken Lemon" (pronounced Cheek-en Leh-mahnn). And, as an added bonus, there were no rocks in our food tonight! It was refreshing to see a familiar place and we were all excited with the promise of the Fairhill Guest House tomorrow night.

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