Friday, July 15, 2011

Rice, Beans, and Rocks!

Aubree and Peco

Today began as the group headed to Tenzug Tongo Hills and Bolgatanga. During our two-hour trip north, Amber shared her devotion on clothing ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

We arrived at Tenzug Tongo Hills and had the opportunity to explore the incredible rock formations there and to hear of what these spectacular sites were used for. Our tour guide, who had a pet monkey, informed us that one of formations, an ancient overhang, was used as a school in the area. After we heard all the history, the group got to actually climb on the rocks. The team was going to have a chance to meet the chief of the area but our time was cut short by dark clouds and ominous sounding thunder. So, we hustled back to the bus and continued our journey towards Bolgatanga.

Because of the rain we stopped at a restaurant to use the restroom, but ended up staying for lunch since the craft area (and shopping) was located in an outdoor section of the city. We were all pleasantly surprised at how fast our food arrived. Being in Ghana has given all of us a whole new definition of “fast food.”

After lunch we headed to the craft village of Bolgatanga and shopped, shopped, and shopped. We split up and headed to the variety of stores selling what we have sought after all along: the beautiful Bolgatanga baskets. We left the village with the entire backseat of the bus filled to the brim with all colors, shapes, and sizes. The group was hesitant to leave, but Damba did an excellent job making sure we were all on the bus in a timely manner.

Two and a half hours later, back at the Modern City Hotel we all waited for our dinner. Some of us received our dinners rather quickly while others waited and waited and waited for our long anticipated wakyee rice (which we had ordered the night before to ensure that the restaurant staff would have purchased enough for all of us to enjoy). When the wakyee was served the members of the group that had ordered it were presented with an unexpected surprise: sand (actually tiny bits of silica). We are unsure where it came from or why it was there, but Davey won the award for the biggest piece of gravel.

Everyone eventually dispersed for showers, games, and bedtime. Tomorrow we will head back to Kumasi for our last day of adventuring in the Northern part of Ghana.

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