Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Worry...Be Happy :0)

Chastity Blevins-White & Marcy Gasperson

French toast and fresh fruit...a meal befitting any breakfast buffet in America. Yet, we were blessed with that wonderful meal this morning. Our guest house staff were able to figure out a recipe to whip up this delicious treat. Some covered it in syrup, while others with banana (or both!).

After a relaxing late morning we headed off in our two tro-tros to worship at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Cape Coast. When we arrived the church was empty except some of the staff. By the time the first song was over, the pews were full. Most people consider the greeting time during a worship service to be a short time made up of quick hellos. However, at St. Paul's it was a time filled with greeting, singing, clapping, and dancing. Several of our group members joined the 'conga line.' The service was mostly in Fante, but the sermon and scripture readings were repeated in English. Even though we could not understand the words, we felt their meaning. We were handed some Fante Presbyterian Hymnals to follow along with the service. This allowed many of us to practice our Fante pronunciations with the slower rhythm of the songs. The sermon topic was "Don't Worry" (Be Happy!....note: Bob Marley's wife lives in Ghana). The minister discussed the story of Abraham's offering of Issac. Romans 6:23 states that the wages of sin is death, but because of Christ Jesus we have eternal life. She used these verses to show us that we can put our faith in our powerful God. Announcements began in Fante and then Dr. Clerico was called to speak. He explained what our group's purpose is and where we are from.

After the amazing time of worship we set out to grab some lunch at the Castle Restaurant. In true Ghanaian style we were waiting for quite a while for our food. Several of us were looking out the window and noticed a group of people standing on the beach. We were witness to many people getting baptized in the outrageous waves. It was quite a powerful sight. Our group ordered many different dishes. A few ordered banku, a traditional Ghanaian dish, while others ordered pizza. Most who ordered pizza had to choose something else off of the menu because they ran out of cheese, "It is finished!" The call of more shopping was too much for several members to handle. They were able to practice their bargaining skills while others chose to return to the guest house.

Once our group was reunited we tro-tro'ed off towards Akotokyir Village. Today we were greeted by student tour guides and Mr Baidoo. We split up into small groups and headed out into the village to get a look at where our students live. It was definitely an eye opening experience for those who hadn't been there. From the chanting of "O'bruyni!" to goats and rabbits, there were plenty of new experiences. By the end of our tour we had met families, seen rivers, learned new songs, made friends and were left with an opportunity to reflect on all of the blessings we have.

After a light supper we were all off in different directions. Some were scattered in the lobby creating colorful posters for their classrooms while listening to random music, while others were quietly journaling in their rooms. Yoga class was an opportunity for many of us to relieve stress from the day. Quiet moments and soothing stretches calm our bodies.

Tomorrow will begin our last three days teaching at T.H.I.S.
So, for now: Da Yie!!!

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