Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beer or Pee, It's Your Choice.

by Aubree and Peco

Today was a lazy day for the group. We woke up and had breakfast an hour later than the week days. Some of the group visited the drum makers shop to preview the merchandise. Others stayed back at Fairhill and took mid morning naps.

After our separate experiences we all rode over to Wesley Girls' Senior High School to visit Dr. Clerico's Ghanaian daughter, Grace. She is the daughter of a long time friend, Agatha. Wesley Girls' is the top senior high school for girls in all of Ghana. Today was one of the two visitation Saturdays that are allowed for the tenth through twelfth graders each month. It was touching to watch the interaction between Dr. Clerico and Grace and the other members of the team who had previously met her, Peco and Paula. It was quite a treat for them to see how much Grace had grown from the last time they had seen her.

We returned to Fairhill for a delightful meal outside on the patio, despite the intrusion of our uninvited guests, the flies. After lunch we put on our swimming attire and headed for Brenu Beach. It was a ride filled with pot hole after pot hole. Our tro tro drivers skillfully navigated the beaten path. The ride to the beach fulfilled the preconceived notion of what most would think Africa looks like. We thought we might see an elephant or zebra meander out any time.

Once at the beach our time in the water was cut short by a man-of-war sting. A small blue tentacle wrapped itself around Jessica's ankle giving her quite the sting. The options (according to Ghanaian tradition) to take out the pain were presented to her: beer or pee. She chose neither. Dr. Clerico came to the rescue with a bottle of rubbing alcohol from one of the tro tros. After sitting down for a bit Jessica felt better and by the end of the night had a nice walk on the beach along with the rest of the group. Her evening got better with the barracuda she ordered for dinner. It was a hit with most of the group and went well with the lobster others ordered.

All in all it was a great day to sit back some and relax; a much needed break.

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  1. Look at GRACE! Unbelievable! I can't believe Jessica was stung at the beach! How terrible - but if anyone could console her, I bet it was Paula!