Wednesday, June 29, 2011

...After While Crocodile

Jessica Hunter & Priscilla Johnson

Today marked our last day at Tuwohofo Holly International School – an emotional day for all. Our day began with an encouraging “sermon on the mount from Pastor Peco, affectionately known to our group now as, “Preacho,” and then we were off to teach our students one last time. The morning was filled with songs, games, and laughter as some shared tearful goodbyes and others filled the courtyard with bubbles.

After returning to Fairhill for a peaceful, relaxing lunch, we prepared ourselves to be physically exhausted and some of us physically horrified for our journey across rope-strung bridges above the tree tops at Kakum Rainforest. A steep 20minute climb was strenuous for some and right up the alley of others who have been running a mile-long path to the beach and back to the guesthouse every morning. “Are we there yet?” was the unspoken question asked by some of us as we continued to climb and walk and climb and walk up the trail to a jaw-dropping view of God's creation. The climb was definitely worth seeing that which a camera cannot justify. Bridge by bridge, we wobbled and hobbled to each center platform waiting on our colleagues to join us at the final resting place before our expedition concluded.

As we “chillaxed” for a few minutes, we met up with former Charleston news anchor, Bettina Boateng, who traveled with Dr. Clerico's 2004 Fulbright group. Currently she works as a news anchor in Birmingham, Alabama on NBC Channel13, but has always had strong ties to her Ghanaian roots. She has invested her time in working with high-school girls and brought them to Ghana for a ten day experience as a part of the Birmingham-Winneba Sister City Program. To give the girls a true Ghanaian experience, we were “forced” to surrender our tro-tros for what seemed like a million-seat charter bus. It was amazing how twenty minutes in an air-conditioned luxury cruiser made us appreciate the small things that we enjoy everyday. We all went to heaven and sat around the welcome table when we realized that our seats reclined! OMG!

Finally, we arrived at Hans Cottage Botel...that's right Botel...not Hotel. There is a definite, distinct difference. Don't ask us what it is. We still haven't quite determined the answer to that question! As Dr. Clerico beckoned for us to order our dinner at least twenty times, we stood in amazement at the enormous crocodiles that surrounded the dining area. Oh, yes! We seem to have left that part out of the blog. You see, Hans Cottage Botel dually serves as a crocodile pond. There were small ones, large ones; skinny ones and fat ones...oh my!

Our entertainment this evening...a band you think? Nope. Try again!

A juggler? Nope. If only. Our deluxe entertainment was our waiter feeding chicken fat to crocodiles of all shapes and sizes. Now what did you do this evening? I bet you can't top that! Nope...not by a longshot!

After the entertainment, we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited a little more for our food to be delivered to our table by Crocodile Dundee himself...yes...the waiter! We enjoyed great conversation with the high-school students from Birmingham, and with our family here. What a bond we have made since leaving the Charleston airport. Dinner concluded with hugs, e-mail and Twitter exchanges as we departed our separate ways; the Birmingham crew in their fabulous charter bus, and our fantastic tro-tros filled with God's free air. It was a long, eventful, fabulous day for all. Until next time, see you later alligator...after while crocodile!

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