Friday, July 22, 2011

There’s sadness in the air…

By Paula and Amanda

Today was our last full day in Cape Coast. We made the most of it, venturing out in different directions. After an early breakfast, some of the team delivered computers to St. Cyprian’s. The teachers and students were very grateful for this gift. We were surprised to be presented with a certificate of appreciation from Headmistress Cecelia. At the same, Chastity and Celeste were swaying on the bridges above the rainforest at Kakum National Park. Paula left with her friend, Rev. David Dodoo, for the day to visit his village. The youth from her church in Hemingway, SC donated funds for a well project. It was a humbling experience for Paula and she cannot wait to share pictures with the young people back home.

Later that morning most of the team headed to Akotokyir for a parade and dancing celebration at Tuwohofo-Holly International School. Each day this week, students and family members have been participating in different events leading up to the main event tomorrow the 25th Anniversary Durbar.

The afternoon was spent with last minute shopping in Cape Coast. Most of us have very little cedis left; however, we have learned how to bargain during our many shopping sprees. What once cost us 20 cedis now can be skillfully purchased for 8 cedis and a bottle of hand sanitizer. These many purchases are making our packing difficult tonight as try to stay within the 50 lbs weight limit.

Our evening has been filled with heavy hearts and tears. With hugs we have begun saying our goodbyes to our special Ghanaian friends. They have touched our lives forever, more than they can ever know.

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  1. I can't believe your time has come to a close! Thank you for your wonderful stories and posts.