Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Saturday of R&R

Written by Katie and Hilary

After a busy week, we were very thankful for a 9:00 breakfast this morning! We gathered on the patio and enjoyed a breakfast of french toast, fruit, and bread while Lindsey encouraged us with her devotion about friendship and unity.

We were all very excited to spend the day at Coconut Grove Beach Resort. We put on our swimsuits, gathered our sunscreen, and divided into our two tro-tros for the bumpy journey to the resort. It was refreshing to step out of the tro-tro and see the clear blue pool located in front of a picture perfect view of the ocean. We quickly claimed our lounge chairs and set up camp for the day. Some people read books, others walked on the beach, and others bravely swam in the freezing cold water of the pool. Some were more willing than others...Jessica went for it by cannon balling into the water, while it took more persuading to coax Priscilla into the water. One of our tro-tro driver's young son, Samuel, came along for the day. We all adore him and some took it upon themselves to teach him how to swim!

After a while, we walked over to the open-air restaurant that overlooks the ocean. We were prepared for the waiting time it would take for our food to be cooked, so we ordered our beverages and entrees and left the table to lounge at the pool or walk on the beach. It is not unusual in Ghana for the food to be brought out at different times, so while some began to eat, others (who ordered pizza) waited patiently for them to be served. One thing we have learned while being in Africa is that we must be patient, we are beginning to get used to their slower pace of life, and some things will not be what we expect (such as pizza without cheese!)

As late afternoon was approaching, the sun went behind the clouds and the cool wind began to blow, so we decided to call it a day and head back to the Fairhill for dinner. We had a light dinner of crepes and fruit and compared our sunburns around the dinner table. Dr. C announced that the rest of the night was free to rest and catch up on laundry. We are very grateful for our day of relaxation and look forward to church tomorrow morning!

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