Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As little orphan Annie sang so many years ago, "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow, you're only a day away!"

After so many months of Anticipation (nod to Carol King) our day of departure is upon us. Tomorrow afternoon most of us will fly from Charleston, SC to Atlanta. There we'll meet up with Amanda Hobson who has been teaching in New York City this year and our group will be complete for our 12-hour sojourn over the Atlantic to Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana!

We hope you will come with us over the next 5 weeks as we immerse ourselves in the people, culture, language and classrooms of Ghana, West Africa.


Closed yet Open

Foreign yet Familiar

Forbidding yet Friendly

Primitive yet Progessive

Exhausting yet Energizing

Wearying yet Wonderful

Without yet Wealthy

Tough yet Tender

S a f e

(Don Clerico)

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  1. So looking forward to checking in here! Know you're going to have a "radical" time! Love you, brother!