Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kotokuraba Market, Cape Coast

The faces in the market are stern, questioning…

Why are you here, brounyi? What do you want?

This is our market.

You want to snap us? Take from us and give nothing in return?

What is that you have in your hand?

A photo?

Let me see. Give it to me.

Ah, Adua! Look. It is Adua!

Oh, so beautiful!

Her shop is just over there. I will show you. Come!

No; wait. First, snap me.

You will bring it?

“Yes; I will bring it tomorrow when I return.”

Now the flood gates are open.

The smiles explode.

Bodies relax and voices rise.

Hands reach out in greeting

And faces all along the alleyway

Beam and pose.

This brounyi is an honest man

He gives and does not take.

This one and his “children” are welcome here.

Don Clerico (July 2010)


  1. Love this, Don! Precious words of you and your students! Loved the plaque dedicated to Dana and her class. What a wonderful tribute.

  2. LOVE this so much! the excitement and laughter of the ladies, the many people soon gathered around one small picture... the happy chaos of the market stall once they knew the brounyi was their friend. beautiful.